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Pactiv is a manufacturer and distributor of food packaging and foodservice products, supplying packers, processors, supermarkets, restaurants, institutions and foodservice outlets across North America.

A former employee didn't hold back and mentioned, "First off Pactiv is the American equivalency of working in a sweatshop in Bangladesh. At times the ambient air temperature in the facility is over 100 degrees. People literally pass out from the heat. Does this sound awesome to your for less than $12 an hour for a packer rate? But hey they have squincher and freeze pops just in case you decide to go dying on them. Listen this place is a joke. They advertise bonuses. You can get $100 bonus if you make production which happens rarely because the machines are garbage and can't stay running. Right now the place is a million pounds behind schedule. So don't count on any bonus. And there is a safety bonus of $40 a month on a gift card if no recordable injuries. This isn't like your getting a weekly bonus or anything. Count on about an extra $500 a year in bonuses.

They don't follow corporate handbook. Any company that blatantly violates their own company handbook and is smug about it and says "too bad" you should know to stay away from. You're supposed to get 3-20 minute breaks and a 30 minute lunch according to the handbook. That doesn't exist because Mount Carmel managers refuse to allow it. And you dare no question it.

Everyone that works there agrees that the only thing good is that you work 15 days a month and no mandatory. But they are hard 12 hour days sweating and busting your butt in an extremely hot environment working on dinosaurs of machines. They refuse to fix major issues with machines until they are totally non operable.

Also they do not close for holidays unless you magically make your production numbers. Then you might be given a treat and a holiday off.

The attendance policy is kind of strict. If u miss a mandatory meeting which is at least once a month you must go in early. You get .5 points for missing the meeting and no safety bonus. A day off is a point. 2 days off is 2 points unless you have a doctor note. So if you are sick and puking all weekend you pretty much need to go to the ER so you can get a note. Their attendance policy contradicts what most insurance company's want. Less trips to the doctor for stupid stuff but what can you do? I've never heard of a company that charged 2 points for 2 consecutive days off. It's silly really.

I will say this. They have probably the best health insurance package I've seen in a long time and they have a quality 401k with principal.

Other than that. It's a revolving door here just like the locked turnstile you have to go through every day like you're working in a prison.

I can go on all day. This place is a joke"


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Current Employee - Print Operator says

"Poor management, lack of leadership, long hours"

Former Employee - Engineer says

"Factories are a very hot working environment. Excessive turnover in hourly, salary and management positions. Runs at bare minimum amount of people to keep lines running, and not enough people to be able to train people effectively, nor cover for call-ins. Focus is on cost cutting, not on growing NOR maintaining customers. Over zealous to set examples for minor perceived safety violations, leading to termination of employees. Not all factories have on-site HR. Some factories with HR, do not represent salary people, only hourly. Because of the marginalized staffing of HR there are some HR issues, which cannot be resolved, and leads to further reduction in retention because employees feel alienated and not respected. Everyone above a basic entry type position is "pressured", and not always reasonably. Many instances of micromanaging, and finger pointing instead of being solution oriented."

Former Employee - Financial Analyst says

"Worst HR ever You are juste a number. Press the lemon and trow it away when dry. You are told "you should be honored to have a job!" No consideration whatsoever for employee well being when it comes to work environnement. You are fed nice words and catchy phrases but nothing materialize. Did I mention worst HR I've ever seen."

Former Employee - Packer says

"Training is minimal, they tell you how many in each box and that's it, you see a trainer for no more than 5 minutes then they leave you alone until next station. No one really explains the start up board, you never see a boss to ask what happens after training in relation to breaks. 8 hour shifts just started so if you are on second you deal with 4 shifts who all do things differently. I got multiple different answers on if I would be going to a different station at 11 for half hour, at 7pm people leave and no one says do you go to next station or break, it's just very confusing and very few english speaking trainers so you have zero clue on anything. I didn't know what to do when machines started screwing up because I was by myself after 5 min, you cant get ppe out of vending machine so you have to ask someone every single time, they expect you to be as fast as veterans after 5 min even though you have zero experience."

Current Employee - Machine Operator says

"Work through breaks Too many task for one person No training Horrible team leader 12 hr shifts High turnover List goes on..."

Former Employee - Management says

"Hah. Where to start. First if all, the company does not match salary expectations with the cost of living for the local geographic area where the site is located. Upper management seems uninterested in the care and concern for employees in regard to safety and welfare. As long as the product is loaded and shipped, not much else matters. Absolutely no training for new management employees as they are left to run an operation they know little about. When approached, management has no interest in training new supervisors and leaves them to be pounced on by a lynch mob of employees that do nothing but complain about their jobs. Mistakes are met with threats instead of constructive feedback and coaching like you find in a professional environment. Health plans mysteriously vanish from year to year only to force employees on to a more expensive plan they don't want or won't use. Management interaction with employees was minimal at times with managers sitting in their offices watching numbers fluctuate from day to day. Upper management very unreceptive to new ideas and suggestions to improve process."

Former Employee - Production Manager says

"Logistics are poor. Management team is lacking."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Unsafe working conditions. No training. Micromanaging. Low pay/high employee turnover. Management is inconsistent. Did not follow company corrective action policy."

Current Employee - Thermoforming Operator says

"Fast paced, lot of responsibilitys too much for the pay. have to work thru breaks, sometime miss lunch 12 hour shifts no chance for job change or upgrade they take better care of the temporary employee's"


"Pactiv does not care about their employees. Most horrible place I have ever worked in my life! Horrible managers and women are underpaid and not paid the same as men."

Operator (Former Employee) says

"Bad place to work. Dirty place. No opportunities to grow up. If you are latin be carefully. Bad management. They offer health, dental and vision plan. 401 K."

Machine/printer Operator (Former Employee) says

"If you can handle harassment, & co-workers that are afraid you will take their job tho there is no advancement. Enjoy this is the perfect place for you. Hr couldn't be a bigger Joke. It takes almost a year to become permanent if you are a temporary worker. Don't plan anything cause u are never off work!None"

Human Resources (Current Employee) says

"Nothing is enjoyable other than getting a paycheck. This company oppresses African American workers by not promoting, allowing Caucasian workers to bully and spread racism. Its a joblong hours, low pay, no advancement for African American workers"

Operator (Current Employee) says

"Worst leadership I’ve ever seen in my life.Dead end job with zero chance of people development.They put carrot in front of you with promise of pay raise and never deliver. Additionally, the handling of the many COVID-19 cases is very disturbing and I feel this a very unsafe work environment.#runwhileucanEssential workersLack of strong leadership, no respect for the individual, not honest, poor handlings of many COVID cases, dead end company"

Machine Operator (Current Employee) says

"I'm currently working at Pactiv and I'm looking for another job I've had 4 leads within a year, the machines are raggedy and they blame you for it, they don't care about their employees it is to much work for the little money they are paying...."

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"This place is the most unthoughtful company I have ever worked. They pitch a good sale for the flexibility and pay, but in reality they will not work with your schedule, and force overtime on you. They have been reduced to hiring felons from the local jails on a work release program to fill their positions.Lots of overtime if you want itUncaring and no concern for you or your family life, the benefits are worthless."

Operator (Former Employee) says

"Very mean people ... racist.... poor pay...very hot.... very smokey...bad insurance....they only be promote friends....not very clean or sanitary... selfish place"

Packer/Inspector (Current Employee) says

"The job is easy, but also stressful. Everyday it’s something new they throw at packers to make their job more stressful which is why so many people quit. The supervisor & team lead have bad attitudes and treat hard workers like dogs. Operators are lazy and don’t like to send you to break. Supervisors act like bullies and when you correct them you will get picked on until you quit or bow down. I’ve lose so much hair since starting that job and had multiple mental break downs due to my experience with negative energy there.Rotating daysPrejudice, HR is no help, nobody helps packers"

Packer (Former Employee) says

"If you can handle the heat and 12 hours then by all means but you rarely get help or promotion and you can never find the manager or some of the employees cause they go missing to have inappropriate relations with each other even the operators and supervisors I'm shock it's still running they std rate highPayNo help and its hot"

maintenance specialist (Current Employee) says

"Was a great place to work in the 2000's. Now its a mess. Cannot hire people to come in and work so the ones that are here have to do the job of at least 2 people. They even expect new hires to do it. When they have a hard time keeping up they get no help. Would not recommend this place to anyone! EVER!noneyou are a slave"

Clamp Truck Operator forklift (Former Employee) says

"If you like having bosses discriminate against you then this is the place. If you like a job thats ran like sweat shop then this is for you... If you hate your life and want to be more depressed ... This is for you"

Maintenance (Current Employee) says

"Hostile working environment I’m waited 7 months to change from temp to full time and almost every day go to HR asking ma’am when you going to hire me Hr said okay working on it so all that time no benefit Management stays in offices they don’t know what’s going on at the floor each one have friend or his favorite employee pick up to him information what’s going on in the floor No training Managers very short experience starting from maintenance No trusting between the company and the employees"

Printer/Operator Helper (Former Employee) says

"run by a total bunch of morons and the upper union personal have their eyes shut to the infractions in that place bust ur hump for just a lil more then min wage pay the union and when u need them they turn their backs on you"

Machine Operator/Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"Bad supervisor ,bad equipment. Bad training.over work you yo death They have not enough help. They overwork the operator. They want to work 12 he shifts in a polution plant"

Wrapper (Former Employee) says

"That company is not a good place to work. They show favorite, there work hours are to long, they don't want you to stop working to exercise your wrist, they don't want to let you go to the bathroom, or drank water. They treat the Mexican and all other nationally like them like gods and treat everybody else like trash."

Roll Puller (rails) says

"Very dangerous company in Frankfort,Il safety is there goal but it’s far from safe they could be a lot worse but management is giving some effort on the matterPeopleMoney"

Packer (Former Employee) says

"Dont recommend if your in any state of mind as it puts most people in a depressed state of mind 10/10would never recomend to even my worst enemy ever."

General Laborer (Former Employee) says

"I felt out of place because majority of the people that work their didnt speak English and their was really no type of communication!! And I just felt weird I had to leave!"

Packer/Shipper (Former Employee) says

"Tips find another job don't work at Pactiv worst place ever work no benefits through the temp agency they get bonuses we don't need work just like a dog all this from the center quick worst job ever"

Tool and Die Maker R/D (Current Employee) says

"Bad management insiders working together ... will put you in one spot without training and leave you there for years ... no way to move up endless your polish"

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